Email Addresses now Available for AFS Volunteers

Over the past year you will have noticed that we have been using the email domain for volunteer groups in AFS-USA. Recently we expanded this to allow use of this domain by Area Teams and Chapters. For example, the email address for the National Council is and the email address for the Lenape chapter is Now we are ready to expand the use of these email addresses even further.

Effective immediately, we are pleased to announce the availability of email accounts in the email domain for any registered volunteer. The account names for these will be, i.e.

The use of these addresses will (1) promote AFS-USA, (2) make it easy for people to remember how to contact you, and (3) allow you to segregate your AFS email from your personal/work email.

Use of this email is optional, but any registered volunteer may request one if they desire. If you would like us to set up one of these email addresses for you, please contact us at The volunteer domain administrators will handle your request.

We will only honor requests for registered volunteers. Mailboxes should only be used for mail associated with AFS-USA, not for personal email. Policies related to removing of accounts when someone is no longer volunteering will be developed at a later date.

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One Response to “Email Addresses now Available for AFS Volunteers”

  1. Terri Windsor says:

    I am new and starting up the Northeast Ohio Chapter that will be covering Mahoning, Trumbull and Columbiana Counties.

    I am just learning everything about AFS all over again. I was a foreign exchange student to Norway in 1979.

    I look forward to your assistance in this matter. If you have any questions you can contact me at or 330-531-3070.